Check Out This Somebody That I Used To Know Star Wars Parody

If you’ve lived in America (or Australia, the UK… actually, pretty much anywhere in the English-speaking world) during the last several months, you’ve heard Gotye’s ubiquitous hit “Somebody That I Used To Know,” and you’ve probably also seen the music video, which seems to be just as famous as the song itself. Since the its release, a myriad of parody videos have popped up on YouTube, including one about football, one sung by a dog and cat, and even one about studying. The parody that really sticks out, however, is “The Star Wars That I Used To Know,” which echoes the complaints of disgruntled Padawans and Jedis everywhere.

The video features Darth Vader and George Lucas singing about the shortcomings of the Star Wars prequels (Darth Vader complains that his character was played by “subpar actors,” and that “you are now addicted to an overuse of graphics”), all to Gotye’s catchy tune. There you have it, Star Warshippers: Now you have more than just one song to play at your Star Wars parties.


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