China Delays ‘Mission: Impossible 3’ Release

Government officials in China have delayed the release of Tom Cruise‘s latest movie Mission: Impossible 3 because of fears it portrays the Chinese government in a negative light.

The movie was originally scheduled to open across Asia on Wednesday.

Officials suggest the film’s depiction of a major crime that the Chinese government doesn’t know about could show the security services in a poor light.

M:I 3 spent more than a month filming in China and its final action sequence is set in Shanghai.

The delays are a harsh blow for the film, which allowed the Chinese government to be extensively involved while the movie was in production.

The earliest the film would be released is mid-July.

Industry sources claim the 10-week delay could cost 30-40 percent of the movie’s box-office take in mainland China, because pirated copies of the film would be readily available by that time.

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