Chris Columbus Importing Korean ‘Hello Ghost’

Chris ColumbusChris Columbus is one of the most financially successful directors working today (number 6 to get specific!). That’s good and all, but what is perhaps most interesting is what made him so successful. Columbus hasn’t directed an original script in over a decade. His past five features were all adaptations of other works (some more successful and well received than others) and most of them were children’s books. Well, they were all children’s books save for that one Broadway play about AIDS and paying your bills (I might have not paid the best attention while watching it).

Needless to say, Columbus is continuing on his merry adapting way. This time he is importing the Korean hit Hello Ghost to the English speaking parts of the world. The film follows a man after he tried to commit suicide and is haunted by four ghosts that bade him to do their one last wishes. It’s not the most original concept in the world (hello Hearts and Souls) but still, South Korea is producing some of the craziest cinema in the world right now. I guess if you’re going to adapt, adapt the best.

Source: Deadline