Chris Hemsworth To Go Vroom Vroom In ‘Rush’

chris hemsworthChris Hemsworth is all set to play James Hunt in the Peter Morgan scripted and Ron Howard directed Rush. It follows the 70’s rivalry of Formula 1 drivers Hunt and Niki Lauda and considering its the team up of Morgan and Howard again, it’ll probably be awesome. Fast cars, awesome dialogue, killer drama, and Thor. The academy will eat it up.

What’s interesting about the casting is Hemsworth will be playing kind of a dick, something we glimpsed at (and loved) in Thor. Sure Hunt and Lauda were friends early on, but success kinda turned Hunt into a rich playboy and his performance suffered because of it. I mean, the only way he was able to win his F1 championship was because Lauda was in a coma. That’s kind of a dick move, right? That said, if anyone can make it work, it’s probably Hemsworth.

Source: Playlist