Chris Hemsworth To Star In ‘Shadow Runner’

chris hemsworthIf you looked liked Chris Hemsworth, you’d want to kick as much as possible. I mean, what other job, other than acting, allows you to totally dominate on a bunch of pathetic dudes? Sure, you could be a police officer, firefighter, or soldier, but where’s the honor and respect in those professions? Acting is really the only job where you can kick someone’s ass and get away with it.

This explains why Hemsworth is set to star in Shadow Runner, and while details are few and far between, it’s about “elite commandos.” The film comes from screenwriter Hossein Amini who wrote Snow White and the Huntsman, which also happens to co-star Hemsworth. Commandos, Hemsworth, ass kicking, eliteness, yep, this sounds like a movie that would get made. Let’s go commando! That came out wrong.

Source: Vulture