Chris Pine Wants To Star In ‘Welcome to People’

Chris PineGood news, ladies; Chris Pine is looking to sign for yet another movie. The guy has been blowing up since he took on James T. Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek, and why not? He looks damn good up on that giant screen. (So good that I even suffered through Bill Pullman’s insufferable performance in Bottle Shock just because most of the film involved Mr. Pine. Now that’s dedication.)

Now, Pine in discussions to star in the upcoming DreamWorks drama, Welcome to People. (Ooh, does that mean he’s going to be all dark and brooding?) The story is about a man whose father dies, leaving a hefty chunk of change to the young man’s alcoholic sister that he didn’t even know he had. He’s charged with the delivery but keeps his identity a secret, but he can’t avoid getting wrapped up in the life of his sister’s 12-year-old son.

The film will also mark the directorial debut of Alex Kurtzman, who penned the screenplays for both Transformers and Star Trek. From the looks of things, Kurtzman is wearing all the different hats – he wrote the screenplay with longtime writing partner Robert Orci (with whom Kurtzman wrote scripts for Star Trek, Transformers, and The Island) and Jody Lambert (Of All the Things). The writing duo is producing the project as well.

While I’ll probably shell out 13 bucks to see this movie just based on Chris Pine’s presence alone, I’m interested to see how Kurtzman and Orci handle a drama that doesn’t involve explosions, spaceships, or giant robots.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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