Thanks to ‘Star Trek,’ Chris Pine Is Now Being Cast in Everything

Credit: Richard Chambury/Invision/AP

A few years ago, you might not have known Chris Pine at all. A few days ago, you’d probably just refer to him as the guy who played Kirk in Star Trek or one of the two dudes in that Reese Witherspoon movie you recently ignored on an airplane. But this week, timed with his second go at the U.S.S. Enterprise’s captain’s chair, Pine seems to be vying for a whole new mess of roles for us to associate with his name. The latest movie to cast the actor, as The Hollywood Reporter reports from the Cannes Film Festival, is Z for Zacharia, a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller that will also star Amanda Seyfried and Chiwetel Ejiofor (pronounciation guide here).

Somewhat of a sci-fi love triangle, Z for Zacharia will have Pine entering the picture after Armageddon’s two lone survivors (or so they thought) meet and fall for one another. This seems like a much darker, rougher turn than the other films to which Pine has beed tied in the past few days. The young Kirk is allegedly in chats for the role of a prince in the developing Into the Woods film adaptation; additionally, there have been mentions of a reunion with Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan for a comedic thriller titled Stretch.

So what is it about Pine? Is it the looks? Is it the Star Trek appeal? And whatever it is, will Hollywood’s mission to turn Pine into its next omnipresent leading man pay off, or is this going to just be another Jeremy Renner situation? (We’re done with him, right?)

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