Christian Bale Visits Victims of Aurora Shooting Tragedy – PICS

Christian Bale VisitAfter a tragedy at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, it seems like the Dark Knight himself is rising to the occasion. Christian Bale, who stars in the film, went to visit some of the dozens wounded in the shooting spree today, according to the Denver Press.

Pictures arose on Twitter of Bale smiling with victim Carey Rottman and medical staff at the Swedish Medical Center where many of the victims were being treated. Bale was freed up for the visit thanks to cancellations of press events and world premieres of the movie following the tragedy last Thursday night. There was a large public outcry, mostly on the internet, of people who thought the star should pay his respects to those that were hurt and the 12 that passed away after James Holmes allegedly opened fire in the packed theater.

Warner Bros. released a statement saying that Bale was there of his own volition, not representing the studio. It seems like the man who plays a hero certainly knows how to act like one.

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