‘Chronicle’ Director Eyed for ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Off ‘Venom’

3538352.jpgA movie centering on Venom, Spider-Man’s polymorphous alien adversary, had once been the talk of the town in Hollywood. Then came Spider-Man 3, and suddenly everything associated with the Web-Crawler became radioactive. There seemed little interest in seeing Topher Grace star in anything, much less a spin-off devoted to the iteration of Venom he portrayed (pictured right) in the much-maligned threequel. Not surprisingly, the project fell dormant.

Now, with Spidey being reborn in the forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man, the prospect of a Venom movie appears once again promising. The LA Times reports that Sony has resuscitated the project, and is keen on hiring Josh Trank, director of the found-footage superhero flick Chronicle, to helm it. Trank had reportedly been deemed the favorite to direct Fox’s reboot of another dormant Marvel franchise, The Fantastic Four, but those reports appear to have been inaccurate.

Unfortunately for Topher Grace fans, the Times reports that the actor is “not expected to reprise the role.”

Source: LA Times