Cillian Murphy Joins De Niro, Weaver in ‘Red Lights’

Cillian MurphyWelcome to the Cillian Murphy guide to picking roles! Is Christopher Nolan directing? If yes: accept role! If not, ask “does the title have the word ‘red’ in it”? If so: accept role! Umm, is the title Disco Pigs? If so: accept role! Ok, so the guide only works for like six of his films, but it did make a great intro for this story!

Murphy has joined the film Red Lights from Buried director Rodrigo Cortes. The film also has Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver starring, which we previously reported. Weaver plays a psychologist who begins to investigate a psychic (De Niro) and then things start to get paranormal.

Anyway, round of applause, pat on the back, and a hearty good job to Murphy. It’s not that easy to play creepy (trust me, I would know, wait, no, don’t trust me, wait, that was creepy which totally proves my first point and wow this got out of hand) and Murphy does it with relative ease. That was a very backwards way of saying he’s a very talented actor and is well deserving of all the new projects he’s got in queue, including the psychological thriller Retreat and Andrew Niccol’s previously titled I’m.Mortal (now retitled Now – that’s a weird read itself).

Source: Collider