Cinema’s Best Tattoos

Tattoos are awesome, there is no greater canvas than human skin. But please, get one for yourself, not for me. Needles and all that make my head all willy. However the world of cinema has provided many great tattoos for us to use as inspiration or flat out copy if we’re not that imaginative. And now we present cinema’s most triumphant tattoos:


Mike Tyson has arguably the world’s most famous celebrity tattoo. I mean, you can’t take a picture of the dude and not see it. His face tattoo is known the world over, so of course Ed Helms would drunkenly get it tattooed on his face in The Hangover Pt II. Not only does it look like it would really hurt to get your face tattooed like that, face tats aren’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to hide, big ole duh on that one.


Sometimes tattoos can be permanent reminders of a drunken mistake (see above). But other times they can be artistic reminders of personal philosophies there to remind the one who’s been inked up. Or it could just be a symbol from a rebel faction prompting you to follow them.


The original. The bad-ass. LOVE/HATE tattooed on your knuckles started with a wandering preacher who showed us all how the forces of good and evil are constantly at war but in the end they’re all part of the same force.


Of course we couldn’t let LOVE/HATE have all the fun with knuckles. The Blues Brothers extended it a little when Jake got his name tattooed on his knuckles and Elwood, well Elwood had to have a little more space for his name.


We’ve talked about a lot about adult tattoos here, but who will think of the children?! No one ever thinks of the children. Pete & Pete made the ballsy move of giving their young star a really kick-ass tattoo, thus ensuring that thousands of kids would grow up wanting to make a mermaid dance on their forearm.


There isn’t a high quality picture of the tattoos online, but Justin Long’s dumbass grin will suffice. If you believe Mike Judge believes everything he envisioned in his futuristic world to be moronic (not the hardest idea to get behind) then you can assume he thinks tattoos are dumb because EVERYONE in his dip-shit future world has one. Of course, theirs were used for identification but come on, if you brand yourself with something you can find on a can of beans, well, you might just have a can of beans for a brain. Oooh, sick burn.