Will Smith Will Destroy New York Again (But in a Nice Way, This Time) in ‘City That Sailed’

Will Smith, After EarthColumbia Pictures

Can love be selfish? If it causes an entire city to detach from its underpinnings and sail across the ocean, it just might be. Deadline reports that Will Smith and director Shawn Levy are teaming up for the upcoming fantasy film, City That Sailed, which will tell the story of a New York father (Smith) whose love for his estranged daughter, living overseas, is so strong that it causes the island of Manhattan to break free from the rest of New York City and sail across the Atlantic towards her. Shawn Levy, who directed other bombastic family films like the Night of The Museum series should feel right at home with this seafaring island family flick. Writer Audrey Wells (The Game Plan, Under the Tuscan Sun) is on board as screenwriter.

While this film sounds like a funny and harmless family film about making and mending connections, one man’s reunion movie is clearly everyone else’s disaster film. What about the insane amount of damage to infrastructure and the loss of human life that would occur if Manhattan suddenly jettisoned across the Atlantic? But at least this one guy got to see his daughter again. It’s not like he could have booked a flight or anything, or (if he’s low on cash) sent a nice postcard. On thing’s for sure: New Yorkers are gonna be pissed when they find out ther real reason Midtown is the newest addition to the European Union.