‘Clash of the Titans’ Sequel Gets New Director

ALTDespite largely negative reviews and complaints that its hastily-tacked-on 3D was headache-inducing, Clash of the Titans will be getting both a sequel and a new director.  (This is what happens automatically nowadays when a film grosses almost half a billion dollars worldwide, as Clash did.)   Since former director Louis Leterrier has said he has no interest in making a second film, Warner Bros. has compiled a shortlist of directors to take over the project, with Jonathan Liebesman reportedly emerging as the frontrunner.

Liebesman began his career as a horror director, with Darkness Falls in 2003 and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel in 2006, but has since expanded his repertoire to include action movies.  While those aren’t titles that necessarily inspire confidence, his latest project, the alien-invasion thriller Battle: Los Angeles is already getting a lot of positive buzz, and has been described as “like Independence Day and Black Hawk Down mixed.”  So there may yet be hope for both Liebesman and the Clash sequel, which will thankfully be shot in native 3D this time around.

Liebesman reportedly found himself in the good graces of Warner Bros. after successfully pitching the studio his vision for a big-budget adaptation of Homer’s ‘Odyssey,’ which apparently got the execs thinking that, with his sights set on a re-imagining of the classic Greek epic, Liebesman might be in the perfect mindset to helm the second Clash of the Titans as well.

Those same Warner Bros. execs want to move quickly on this sequel; because lead actor Sam Worthington is also committed to begin work on Avatar 2 in the second half of next year, production of the Clash sequel could begin as early as January of 2011.

Source: LA Times

Image via Screenrant