Clive Owen Heads To The ‘Cities’

clive OwenSo Clive Owen has agreed to star in Cities with Slumdog Millionaire star Anil Kapoor. Roger Donaldson will direct the film that he co-wrote, which is being described as a “financial thriller” that chronicles several peoples lives in the days leading up to the all-time Dow Jones high and the repercussions they face from gambling their money. Because everyone knows watching huge piles of electronic money go up and down is seriously thrilling. But these people have something at stake! They shouldn’t have put their entire life savings into one of the most complicated systems ever created that most still doesn’t understand well enough to not cause a crash of the entire global economy. Actually, that does sound kind of thrilling. We’ve already created SkyNet and it rose 1400 points today.

Source: ComingSoon