‘Cloverfield’ Director Sets Alarm For ‘8 O’Clock In The Morning’

Matt ReevesMatt Reeves, director of the slightly-better-than-you-would-think-for-what-it-is (boy I am just HEAPING on the praise) Cloverfield and Let Me In, will be writing and helming a feature based on the classic short story 8 O’clock in the Morning. Granted, this short has already been turned into a movie – John Carpenter‘s They Live borrows generously from the plot of the Ray Nelson’s story. But Reeves has a different idea, choosing to instead focus on the “emotional” and serious impact of the story whereas Carpenter took a satirical look at it. And what’s the story you ask? Oh just the basic, guy wakes up from hypnosis and can see that aliens are ruling our world. The usual.

Source: Deadline