Colin Farrell Talks ‘Seven Psychopaths’ and Exposing Movie Violence



In Seven Psychopaths, Colin Farrell reunites with his In Bruges writer/director Martin McDonagh to take a deep look into the twisted world of Hollywood and its penchant for violence. After In Bruges, it was clear Farrell had found a perfect collaborator in McDonagh — few actors can bring to life on-screen befuddlement like Farrell, let alone with mile-a-minute cuss words. With Seven Psychopaths, they’ve recaptured the magic while throwing in a layer of meta-narrative that makes for an even wilder experience than their first film. Simply put: audiences win when the two team up.

Sitting down with the duo at the Toronto International Film Festival, talked to Farrell and McDonagh about how their views on movies helped shape the madcap Seven Psychopaths, whether Farrell’s screenwriter character “Marty” shares any gripes with the real McDonagh, and which white wine is best for writing (since, as you’ll see in the film, writing movies in Hollywood requires a lot of white wine).

Seven Psychopaths arrives in theaters Oct. 12. Check out the trailer for a taste of the craziness in store.

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