Colin Firth To Star In Coen Bros. ‘Gambit’ Remake

ALT TEXTContinuing his streak of being extremely British and extremely awesome, Colin Firth is currently in talks with Joel and Ethan Coen to topline their remake of the 1966 British action comedy, Gambit. Oddly and sadly enough, the Coen’s will not be directing. Instead, The Last Station‘s Michael Hoffman will work behind the camera (the True Grit helmsmen wrote the screenplay for the project and will produce).

Firth’s most recent film, The King’s Speech, has the Academy all abuzz. His performance as a stuttering prince who unexpectedly becomes king is a definite contender for Best Actor and the film itself is expected to grab a Best Picture nomination.

But in Gambit, Firth will play the role Michael Caine once inhabited — that of a cat burglar. He attempts to rob a billionaire of his princess statue, and in process, gets help from a waitress who looks exactly like the victim’s late wife. According to Deadline, “the burglar’s usual precision is clouded by his relationship with his accomplice,” which in other words means they’re boning.

Anyway, if Firth continues on this path of success, there’s a very good chance he’ll end up with a similar career as Caine. You know, when you can just show up randomly in films for only five minutes and yet somehow manage to be the most trusted character (see: Inception).

Source: Deadline