How Cute Will The New ‘Paddington Bear’ Movie Be? Colin Firth Cute!

Colin FirthWenn

In a spectacular combination of all that is British and bumbling, Colin Firth will soon be voicing the computer-generated Paddington Bear. The movie, based on the children’s book, will be directed by Paul King, known primarily for The Mighty Boosh, and produced by David Heyman, known for producing that mightiest of children’s stories that is Harry Potter.

For those unfamiliar with the kids’ stories, they are an adorably illustrated series written by Michael Bond about a Peruvian bear who gets adopted by a British family (“I will speak his lines with, I suspect, a slight Peruvian flavour,” Firth told The Daily Mail.) The bear keeps emergency marmalade sandwiches under his floppy yellow hat and is very proper and British. He will also be the only animated character (and let’s hope that he doesn’t turn out creepy); so far Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, and Hugh Bonneville have signed on for live-action rolls. Firth and Kidman recently worked together on the World War II retribution flick The Railway Man, but we get the feeling that this is going to have a different vibe. It will be released sometime in 2014, so be prepared to overdose on adorable. 

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