Comic-Con 2012: ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Footage Teases the Film’s Epic Conclusion


ALTA Comic-Con without a Resident Evil movie is like a Christmas without Santa Claus. Things just aren’t the same when star Milla Jovovich isn’t up on the big screen in Hall H, her alter ego Alice gunning down killer mutants. Thankfully, after a year off (2010 sported Resident Evil: Afterlife), Jovovich, her husband Paul W.S. Anderson and the rest of the gang are back with Resident Evil: Retribution. The fifth installment widens the scope even further, a global adventure that reunites many of the franchise’s memorable characters — even a few who died along the way (anything is possible in the world of RE). gained a ton of intel when we visited the set of the action-packed sci-fi/horror hybrid, but now, thanks to the epic Hall H panel, we’ve finally gotten our first look at the finished product.

Anderson opened the panel by setting out his goal for Retribution. “We wanted to blow out the franchise. The franchise is reaching a climax. I wanted it to be an epic. We went all around the world. We shot in Red Square. We shot in the middle of Tokyo. We destroyed the White House. We shot in Times Square in New York City.” And then the mayhem began.

Anderson played the scene we saw filmed on set. The scene opens with a vehicle traveling through the arctic tundra. Suddenly, the ice cracks and the multi-wheeled tank flying. From underwater emerges a submarine packing two familiar faces: Jill Valentine (Sienna Gilroy) and Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez). Out of the flipped vehicle comes Alice, ready to take down the two mind-controlled fems who want to kick her ass. Behind her, Leon (Johann Urb) and Luther West (Boris Kodjoe) back her up for the epic fight.

It’s an old West stand-off, accompanied by music straight out of Inception. The “BROOOOMs” cue the over-the-top, theatrical movements. Rain injects herself with a serum that turns her superhuman. Jill pulls out a long, bladed weapon. Alice asks, “only two of you?” Jill is frank: “It’ll be enough.”

Cue a giant choreographed fight scene. Things kick off with a barrage of gunfire from both sides. Everyone has a weapon, everyone’s shooting. Then Jill and Alice jump into the ring. They beat the living crap out of each other, with punches and weaponry flailing about. Luther and Leon shoot up Rain, but with the injection flowing through her blood, she regenerates in a matter of seconds, the bullets popping out of her fingertips. That’s when the three of them start duking it out like one big schoolyard brawl. The clip caps with Alice throwing her two blades straight out of the camera — Anderson never saw a 3D gag he didn’t like.

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