The Most Exciting Movies of Comic-Con 2013

Credit: Richard Foreman Jr./Summit Entertainment

While the future of the world on the whole might be dismal and grim, there are at least a handful of good movies on the horizon. And every year, San Diego devotes its attention to the developing gems with Comic-Con. This year’s festival pays tribute to book adaptations, sci-fi epics, comedies, dramas, and even the odd Stallone flick. And we’re gearing up for each and every one of ’em with a new gallery.

Yes, from Ender’s Game to The World’s End to Escape Plan, we’re pumped for a good number of the properties that Comic-Con is featuring this time around. So check out our gallery of the 10 films we’re most excited over, and book your last minute tickets to San Diego to check them out in person.

Comic-Con 2013’s Most Exciting Movies

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