Comic-Con: From Excitement to Disappointment

Credit: Warner Bros.

With The Lone ranger raking in measly earnings and Pacific Rim poised to flop, we’re called to look back upon some of recent blockbuster history’s biggest duds. Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, we’re introduced to new, exciting, huge-scale titles that we can’t wait for… and then come to realize we never should have. Some of these pictures turn out to be too niche for vast audiences. Some were too overzealous in their production, relying on a huge budget that could never have been reclaimed in box office earnings. And some… some were just plain bad.

In anticipation of the many inevitable disappointments to claim this year’s SDCC, we’re taking a gander at some of the past year’s most disappointing films. Check out our gallery and relive the heavy sighs of yore!

Comic-Con: From Excitement to Disappointment

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