‘Contagion’ Trailer Debuts!

Holy suffering viral epidemics, Batman! I rarely get terrified at trailers, but lo and behold I’m shaking in my boots (why I’m wearing boots in the middle of an NYC heatwave is beyond me) after watching the first Contagion trailer.

Contagion is your basic super virus gone rampant. Been there done that. But when you add in this insane cast, Steven Soderbergh directing, and the fact that this virus is basically a zombie virus that kills you instead of turning you into the undead, you get one terrifying looking movie. Also the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow starts off a viral epidemic makes it that much more delicious.

Contagion stars Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Bryan Cranston, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne, John Hawkes, Elliot Gould and Demetri Martin (wait, what? Nope, for real). Opens September 9th.