Coppola to Hypnotize Comic-Con with “Twixt”

Francis Ford CoppolaReturning to Comic-Con for the first time since Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Francis Ford Coppola, presenting his film about a writer investigating a murder mystery, Twixt. A preview of the film will be presented on July 23rd at the festival, although the nature of the footage has not yet been announced. However, as the film was partially shot in 3D, we can hope that some of this footage might be availed to the public. Furthermore, none of the cast, which includes Val Kilmer, veteran actor Bruce Dern, Super 8’s Elle Fanning and The Thin Red Line’s Ben Chaplin, have yet been confirmed to be attending the event.

One particularly interesting thing about the film—if Coppola doing a 3D murder mystery did not spike your pulse enough—is the music. Dan Deacon is creating the score, which has been described as “a non-traditional, interactive aspect of the film.” That is at once wondrous and horrifying. Do we, as an audience, control the music? Or does the music control us? Coppola is one of the most influential men in cinematic history—has he, this whole time, building up enough clout to eventually lure all of us into mind-slavery via the hypnosis of an “interactive” music element?

Either way, I’ll gladly see this movie. After all, someone’s going to enslave the minds of the human race sooner or later. Might as well be the guy who brought us Jack. Yep. That’s my favorite Coppola film. Got a problem?

Source: Slashfilm