‘Cosmopolis’: Even Robert Pattinson Can Get Rejected — VIDEO

CosmopolisAt any given point in time, Robert Pattinson has a fleet of teenage girls traveling cross-country, committing felonies, and performing ritual sacrifices all in the hopes of earning his love. But the man cannot seem to win over Sarah Gadon.

In the below clip for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which looks so odd and off-kilter that it might very well be the answer to every philosophical question you have ever wanted to ask, billionaire Eric Packer (Pattinson) claws desperately at the idea of a human connection, struggling to convince Elise (Gadon) to join him in embracing the definition of “inflammation” (it kind of makes sense when you watch it).

Unfortunately, as is the usual case for guys working their A-game, any semblance of a mood is killed by a pair of guys who run in screaming about the end of days, dragging dead rats all over the place. You’re the best, Cronenberg.


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