Could We See a Fantastic Four and X-Men Crossover Soon?

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Shared universes are a huge part of comic book superhero stories, and although Marvel has seen huge success with their Avengers franchise, studio rights make it hard for all Marvel or DC heroes to wind up in the same movie. However, since 20th Century Fox owns the rights to both Fantastic Four and the X-Men, it’s possible — and highly likely — that Fox will follow in the footsteps of Marvel’s The Avengers and DC’s Batman vs. Superman with their own shared universe.

But, the question is, how will Fox integrate the two superhero groups? The Fantastic Four reboot isn’t even slated for release until 2015 and we’re not yet sure where X-Men: Days of Future Past will leave our favorite mutants. If rumors are to be believed (and this one just might be since The Motley Fool reported it), Fox is working on adapting the 1987 four-issue Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men. Comic book fans rejoice!

The limited comic book series revolves around characters already established in Fox’s X-Men films like Kitty Pride, Wolverine, Rogue, and Storm as well as Fantastic Four characters Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. An adaption of Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men would be the best and smartest way to bridge the two franchises.

However we’re left wondering when the crossover will be introduced. Will X-Men: Days of Future Past feature a post-credits scene promoting Fantastic Four? Will Fantastic Four, when it’s released in 2015, feature a cameo from a major X-Men character? Or will it have a post-credits scene to lead into a crossover film? 

Even though we might be nearly entirely sure of a Fantastic Four and X-Men crossover film, we’re not sure when we’ll see it. We have so many questions!