Creepy Train Sex-capades in First Clip from Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’

The title of Lars von Trier’s newest film is pretty self-expalantory. Nyphomaniac tells the story of a self-diagnosed sex addict (played by the director’s muse Charlotte Gainsbourg, of course) who recounts her past erotic journeys to a man who discovers her beaten in an alley. The woman’s name is Joe, and in true von Trier style, her story is very shocking.

The two-part film consists of eight chapters, covering Joe’s life, from birth to age 50. In the first clip from the movie, we see a scene from Chapter One: The Compleat Angler. This portion of the film covers a train ride that Joe took as a teenager with her more experienced friend B. The girls make a bet to see which one of them can have sex with the highest number of men during the journey. The winner will receive a bag of chocolate sweets.

Credit: Zentropa Entertainments

In the clip, B explains to young Joe (played by model Stacey Martin) how to seduce a boy on the train. The premise seems straightforward enough, but as always when the avant garde filmmaker Lars von Trier is involved, there’s an underlying eerie (and perhaps just downright creepy) tone that pervades the scene and fills viewers with the undeniable sense that something is just not right.

Nymphomaniac hits theaters in Denmark on Christmas Day, and in all likelihood, a U.S. release will follow shortly. We hope so anyway. 

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