Crulic: The Path to Beyond | 2010

Foreign, Animated
A Romanian named Crulic is wrongly accused of theft and imprisoned. Crulic goes on a hunger strike, and after many months in jail is so ill that he is about to be released, but dies before he regains his freedom.
Director: Anca Damian
Writers: Anca Damian


Aparte Film

Production Company


From beyond the grave, a thirty-three-year-old Romanian named Crulic narrates the story of his life. On July 11th 2007, a Polish judge is robbed with around 500 Euros withdrawn using his credit cards. On September 10th, Crulic is accused of the crime and is taken to the Krakow Detention Centre where he immediately starts a hunger strike. Claiming he was in Italy on the day of the theft, his makes his demands very clear -- he wants a meeting with a Romanian Consulate representative and another attorney. At the beginning of 2008, Crulic's deteriorating health prompts the court to release him but it is too late as the young man dies sixteen hours later.