‘Crystal Fairy’ Trailer Sends Michael Cera on a Druggy Roadtrip

The increasingly off-beat Michael Cera graces us with his quirk in the official trailer for the summer film Crystal Fairy. Cera hit the pause button on his beloved typecast as the comedically awkward nebbish in Sebastián Silva’s upcoming thriller Magic Magic, and although Crystal Fairy (which previously flaunted the lengthy label Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus), was directed by Silva as well, the trailer for the 2013 Sundance winning comedy portrays Cera back in his natural rib-tickling element. 

In the flick, Jamie (Cera) and a trio of Chilean brothers embark on a desert-bound journey with the goal of discovering the San Pedro cactus and its hallucinatory powers. But before setting off, a highly intoxicated Jamie accidentally invites a wild dancing fellow American (Gaby Hoffman) on the drug-induced road trip. Whoops!

The would-be mystic and cerified whack-job coined as “Crystal Fairy” shakes things up on this exotic adventure. Her “peace and love” hippie vibe and eccentric hairdo juxtaposed with stoner Jamie’s conceited ways makes the trailer spark. And just when you think her name is goofy enough, once the crazed gal sports her naked bod and bares all, she adopts the alias “Crystal Hairy.” 

The organic feel of the movie derives from the improvisational origins of the film. While shooting Magic Magic, director Sebastián Silva and Cera naturally fell into the production of Crystal Fairy. The Chilean backdrop of Magic Magic was intriguing enough for Silva to churn out two films simulatenously. 

The psychedelic yet odd film starring Cera and Hoffman is set for limited release beginning July 12. To tag along on the trippy excursion, tune into the trailer below.

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