Cuba Gooding Jr. Is on the Run in ‘One in the Chamber’ — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

ALTThe below exclusive new clip from the upcoming One in the Chamber, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dolph Lundgren reminded me of a great interview with direct-to-DVD aficionado Outlaw Vern (author of the book Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal). In the interview, Vern describes DTV as “the last refuge for American fight movies with the spirit of what we used to love in the ’80s.” And that’s the sense you get from watching Gooding Jr. in this action-packed clip — the movie packs in adrenaline-infused gunfights and chases while making it look slick. The Oscar-winning actor from Jerry Maguire may not be headlining the latest Hollywood tentpole, but the man kicks ass and One in the Chamber looks to mine that talent. Who could ask for more?

One in the Chamber‘s simple premise is part of the charm: the movie finds an assassin, Carver (Gooding Jr.) inciting an all out mob war that puts him on the run from both the vengeful goons and another assassin (Lundgren) recruited to take him out. The perfect setup for playful shootouts and explosions.

One in the Chamber hits Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack and DVD on August 21st.

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