Daily Dose Of Jealousy: Jared Harris As Moriarty

Jared HarrisSherlock Holmes was an awesome movie. Sure, it was a pre-sold property conveniently packaged with good looking actors to draw in the crowds, but it was well made, fun and the dark palette suited the story and characters well.

Not to mention the fact that we got Robert Downey Jr. shirtless. I MEAN RACHEL MCADAMS IN A CORSET. Why would I care about Robert Downey Jr or Jude Law…pfft, I mean Rachel McAdams all the way.

Anyway, Sherlock Holmes 2 is scheduled for release late next year and we finally got word on who the big bad guy is. There was a glimpse of him at the end of the first film but now we know it is definitely the character Mr. Moriarty and the actor is….Jared Harris!

Let’s give a round of applause to Jarred Harris, the lucky SOB. Not only does he get to partake in the best television show in recent history, now he gest to gallivant around jolly ole London and trade barbs with RDJ and Jude Law. He might even get to hang out with Stephen Fry, who has just joined the case. And then he also gets to film alongside Rachel McAdams, the bastard.

Wait, you mean McAdams isn’t going to be in the movie? Aw, this is gonna suck.

Source: Latino Review