‘Dallas’ Ditches Cast

The entire cast of the feature film Dallas, with the exception of John Travolta, have been sacked just one month before the movie was to begin shooting.

The big-screen version of the popular 1970s TV show was set to start in November, but has now been put on hold as the film is reworked.

Travolta will still star as J.R. Ewing, but cast members including Shirley MacLaine, who was cast as Miss Ellie, and Luke Wilson, who was cast as Bobby Ewing, are out.

Meg Ryan was in talks with filmmakers to replace Jennifer Lopez–who dropped out of the film in August–in the role of J.R.’s boozy wife Sue Ellen, but negotiations have now stopped.

Director Gurinder Chadha will make a final decision on whether or not she will stay on board to direct as soon as the new cast comes together.

Chadha, who replaced director Robert Luketic in April, was reportedly not happy with the prior cast.

Filmmakers now hope to make the film for substantially less than its original $65 million budget and have been approaching less well-known actors with lower salary demands.

Producers plan to recast and begin shooting as early as January.

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