Dame Judi Dench Cameos In Pirates 4

Judi DenchDame Judi Dench is one of the fewpeople that I refer to by their knighthood title (like I would ever call Keith Richards, Sir Keith) and rightfully so. She’s a total badass. If she told me to impale myself on a spike, I would because the consequences of not doing that would be a lot worse. No wonder the only person I can think of that has stood up to her is James Bond, the world’s most badass man. Of course, I’m not saying that badass men trump badass women, but that Dame Judi Dench had to tone it down to play the character and then she allowed him to stand up to her.

Now we have word that she has filmed a small cameo in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. And even though this has potential to be a spoiler, if you think of this as a spoiler you need to go outside for a bit, look at some trees, and reevaluate your life’s priorities, but she’ll play a noblewoman in the beginning (can she play anything else? Nope.) of the film. Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack is on the run and hides out in her carriage. He does his little charming bit with her and manages to steal some of her stuff.

Doesn’t sound too bad for me. Could this also mean another Oscar nomination for her? After all, she was only in Shakespeare In Love for like maybe 10 minutes and won gold for that one. I can think of stranger things happening (like Judi Dench appearing in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie). And get this, apparently she’s not only Damne Judi Dench, but Nerdy Dame Judy Dench. Yep, the most badass woman in England plays D&D and DMs for her grand kids. Not badass enough for you? She DMed for Vin Diesel when they filmed The Chronicles of Riddick. Boom. I’m pretty sure we could call her Sir Judi Dench and no one would challenge that.

Source: ComingSoon