Daniel Radcliffe Is ‘The Amateur Photographer’

Daniel RadcliffeSomewhere between learning how to “expecto patronum” and “stupify,” Daniel Radcliffe took some photography classes at Hogwarts — but not enough to get professional certification.

According to Variety, the Harry Potter star is attached to topline The Amateur Photographer, a new indie comedy written and to-be-directed by Christopher Monger (who was recently Emmy-nominated for his HBO movie Temple Grandin).

The story is set in the 1970s and centers on a young man who — after being pulled into the culture of a tiny New England town — is asked by the residents to capture their most intimate moments on film. Through his work, he discovers a love for photography and helps bring fresh life to the town.

So yes, ladies. Radcliffe will most likely play a sweater-vest wearing, skinny jean sporting, charming young artist. And don’t worry, two hours should be plenty of time for you to snap screenshots that will appear all over Tumblr for years to come.

Source: Variety