Daniel Radcliffe Will Attempt Not to Have Sex in ‘The F Word’

Daniel RadcliffeNo, you don’t have to up your dose of anti-psychotics — that sound you hear actually is angels singing out in celebration. You see, Variety reports that Daniel Radcliffe, the wonderful Harry Potter star for whom we have all waited eagerly to enter new genres of film, is taking on his first romantic comedy: the provocatively titled The F Word. To add to the glory, he’s got quite an adept partner in crime: Zoe Kazan, writer and star of the recent romantic foray Ruby Sparks.

The F Word comes from director Michael Dowse, whose more recent ventures include Goon and Take Me Home Tonight. The story will feature Radcliffe as a nice guy who attempts to pioneer the idea of a successful platonic friendship between a man and a woman, despite his growing affection for her (a situation made worse by the fact that she already has a boyfriend). The project seems in keeping with a load of romantic comedy traditions, but the real strength of films in this genre is the charm of their stars. Radcliffe and Kazan could charm the nose off of Voldemort.

Kazan is pretty well-versed in the rom-com realm, what with Ruby Sparks, It’s Complicated and I Hate Valentine’s Day under her belt, but Radcliffe has yet to sink his teeth into a film of this variety. Since concluding his Harry Potter run, Radcliffe has experimented with horror (The Woman in Black), comedy (his fantastic turn on SNL), and has signed onto an Allen Ginsberg biopic (Kill Your Darlings) and a historical drama.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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