Danny Boyle Wants Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson For ‘Trance’

Scarlett JohanssonIt looks as though Michael Fassbender is out of Trance, director Danny Boyle’s upcoming heist drama. To those looking forward to the project, this news is truly the worst. Really, who could replace Fassbender? What actor today has the talent, versatility, star power, charisma—oh, what? They’re going for Colin Firth? Actually, that’ll be good.

What’s more, Boyle is shooting for Scarlett Johansson as the female lead in the film. Johansson tops a list of desired actresses that includes Zoe Saldana and Melanie Thierry. Also signed on to the film is James McAvoy.

Boyle wants Firth to play the leader of a group of thieves who are putting together a heist on an art auction house. The plot revolves around the memory loss (yep. Amnesia movie. Get pumped.) of an auction house employee — the only person who knows the location of the painting to be heisted. Well, he used to know it. Before the amnesia. Pumped yet?

Whoever wins the leading lady’s role will portray a hypnotist hired to recover the memory of the auction house employee so that the thievery can commence undisturbed. If you’re not pumped yet, you’re made of stone.

Source: Slashfilm