Danny Elfman To Score Raimi’s ‘Oz’

danny elfmanNerd fight! Isn’t it adorable when nerds get in a fight over something stupid like “Who shot first, Han or Greedo?” instead stuff that actually matter like sports.

Anyway, apparently Danny Elfman, the famed composer, used to be besties with Sam Raimi, he of Spider-Man directing fame, then they became enemies but now they’re working together again… so they’re frenimies? I’m not even sure what those are, as I don’t think the texting lingo has a word for that yet. I just know that Elfman will be working on Raimi’s latest Oz, the Great and Powerful. The film stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Zach Braff and its pretty much the kind of movie you would expect to hear Elfman score.

Also, the veteran composer is in talks to score the Hunger Games movie, though nothing is official at the time. According to some music nerd friends of mine, Elfman isn’t quite deserving of the public appeal he’s garnered and is in fact a wee bit overrated. Myself, I enjoy his music and look forward to Oz and Hunger Games if he scores them. I’m not nearly snobby enough to criticize anyone who writes music considering my musical talents extend to just short of playing the triangle.

Source: IndieWire