‘Dark Knight’ Mashups and Spoofs On The Rise 


ALTDid you hear the one about David Letterman possibly giving away the ending of the most anticipated movie of the year? Ba-dum-noooooooooo! Okay, so no one looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises got a kick out of that one, but why so serious, Batman fans? 
With just a week (!!) left until the film’s release, the Internet has jumped into parody overdrive. They range from inspired — like The Onion‘s brilliant riffing on Christopher Nolan‘s very dark take on the comic books — to downright silly, like Funny or Die‘s trailer for The Dark Knight Smells (“Or ‘The Joker Got Away’ Depending On Where You Grew Up.” It’s funny because it’s true.) Watch: 
Of course, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t the only beloved piece of pop culture prime for parody. Someone had the good idea to mash up July’s biggest events — Batman and Breaking Bad — to make, you guessed it, Breaking Batman. The two go together surprisingly well (“Plural, bitch!”), though, unsurprisingly, some of the language is NSFW. (TDKR has also been mashed up with the likes of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Ice Age: Continental Drift) Check it out here:


Of course, as far as TDKR mashups go, it’s hard to top the one that arguably started it all: The Lion King Rises. Watch it again here:



Dark Knight Rises Ending Might Have Just Been Spoiled By Letterman 

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