Darren Aronofsky Confirms Noah’s Ark Film

ALTIn a recent interview with IFC, Darren Aronofsky confirmed that the’s turning his attention to his long-discussed Noah’s Ark film. “I want to make a big event film, and I think it can be that,” Aronofsky told IFC. Blockbusters are something of a departure for the Black Swan director, who previously produced mind-bending independent films like Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain.

Aronofsky emphasized the universal nature of his project over the religious. “I don’t think it’s a very religious story,” he said “I think it’s a great fable that’s part of so many different religions and spiritual practices. I just think it’s a great story that’s never been on film.” This may be a smart choice on Aronofsky’s part- while biblical blockbusters have succeeded in the past (think The Ten Commandments), including religion can be a risky move, as it flirts with controversy and risks alienating international viewers.

Aronofsky may have to play it safe to get his film made: the director is reportedly proposing a $130 million dollar budget for the film, and having difficulty finding backers. “All these films are hard to make so you never know,” he told IFC. “We’re trying to get it made and we’ll see.”

If Aronofsky is intent on making his Noah film, I hope he secures the funding. God knows (you see what I did there?) if the film will be any good, but it will certainly be strange. And in some ways, it’s not so odd a fit- Noah’s Ark is the original disaster story, after all. Better keep Roland Emmerich away from it.

Source: IFC