Darren Aronofsky Pursued For ‘Wolverine 2’: Face Palm Of The Day

Darren AronofskyHere’s the thing about Hollywood: it’s a fickle place. Now that we have the obvious out of the way, let’s get on to the news. Wolverine 2 is apparently a big enough project for Fox that they’re actively seeking out one of the smartest directors working, Darren Aronofsky, to helm the project. Also, check out the sweet mustache he is rocking in that picture. Woof.

Anyway, this decision comes after a week long domino effect from other super hero films finding directors. Aronofsky was in contention to direct the new reboot of Superman, but that ultimately went to Zack Snyder. And with Aronofsky available, Fox is making a move for him to take over Wolverine. But it doesn’t end there! Warner Brothers (who has the Superman reboot) is trying to keep all the directors for themselves by wooing over Aronofsky for their film Tales from the Gangster Squad, which has also attracted Ben Affleck. I bet it feels good to be wanted.

And just to prove that drama doesn’t end after high school, let’s look further into this matter, shall we? So which is a bigger project? Rebooting Superman (the original superhero needs a facelift and if you’re making this picture you can put your stamp on it) or taking a sequel to a prequel of a trilogy of movies? You can see why Aronofsky wanted the Superman project and held out on Wolverine Dos (working Spanish title).

Now word comes out about the subject of the Superman film. The script by David Goyer (The Dark Knight) follows Clark Kent traveling the world as a journalist going through an existential crisis trying to decide if he should become Superman. Who would you want to direct this? Snyder, he of action oriented 300 and Watchmen fame, or Aronofsky, he of character driven films like The Wrestler and Black Swan? Of course you would want Aronofsky for the gig. And Aronofsky wanted it. So why didn’t he get it?

End of the second act plot twist! Apparently the script isn’t quite finished yet and Aronofsky is a notorious stickler for having everything perfect before a single frame of film rolls. Warner Bros. has to have production on Superman well underway by the end of 2011 or they owe a sizable fortune to the heirs of Superman’s creators’ estate.

Face Palm

So what’s a studio to do? Wait on a perfectionist and risk losing a chunk of change because of a clause in a contract or give it to another visually stimulating director who can hopefully strengthen the script rather quickly? Of course they thought with their wallet and gave it to Snyder. Which leaves Aronofsky free to potentially take on Wolverine 2.

Granted, Aronofsky could make a decent film out of the mess that is the Wolverine series. The film is still a long way off and he might not even take the project. But just knowing what could have been with Aronofsky behind Superman? Everyone please apply the palm of your hand forcefully to your forehead. Thank you.

Source: NY Magazine