Darren Aronofsky Takes on WWII Series For HBO

Darren AronofskyAlmost everyone agrees that Inglourious Basterds was awesome — almost perfect. But think about this: how much more awesome would it have been if it involved MAGIC? That dream is about to come true. After dominating the controversial topics of drug abuse, spirituality and ballet, Darren Aronofsky is taking on Nazi Germany in the upcoming HBO period-drama, Hobgoblin.

The series follows a group of illusionist con-men who employ their trade in an effort to take down Hitler and the German army. Michael Chabon, also responsible for the upcoming science fiction film John Carter, is writing the program with his wife, Ayalet Waldman, author of the novel on which the 2009 film The Other Woman was based.

This project will be Aronofsky’s first gig directing for television. Since it’s HBO, he’ll be able to infuse the program with his regular doses of haunting sex scenes and a general thread of impending doom. Hopefully, this medium will allow Aronofsky the appreciation he deserves — perhaps in the form of an award. He literally turned Natalie Portman into a swan. Don’t tell me it was a metaphor. You all saw what happened to her neck. If you ask me, that’s a bold choice. Just the right amount of bold that can make us look forward to the annihilation of the Third Reich via slight-of-hand magic.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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