Darren Aronofsky Wanted For ‘Moses’ & ‘Maleficent’

Darren AronofskyEveryone wants Darren Aronofsky these days. For over ten years, the Brooklyn-born writer-director has turned the indie world upside down with his pitch black artistic vision, but thanks to the overwhelming success of Black Swan, he’s never been more commercially viable. That’s why two mega movie studios want him for two potentially huge movies.

Badass Digest claims that Disney is now courting the filmmaker for Maleficent, the Sleeping Beauty re-imagining that Tim Burton recently walked away from, while Warner Bros. has him in mind for Moses, an epic retelling of the Exodus story. Neither of them sound like the kind of project that the psycho-surrealist would gravitate toward, but as the source notes, neither was The Wolverine (the standalone superhero flick that he’d committed to before dropping out at the eleventh hour).

What are the chances that the Oscar nominated auteur would take one of these gigs? Well, Maleficent, despite losing its original superstar director, has Harry Potter’s half-franchise helmer David Yates in waiting to take the reigns now that his Hogwarts work is completed. Given the glossy nature and size of that film, I’d say that Yates is not only better suited for it, but more likely to be hired. Likewise, Moses is definitely as big as Maleficent in terms of scope (probably even bigger), but doesn’t have anyone chasing it currently, making Aronofsky’s odds a bit better.

However, I’ve got reason to believe that he won’t do EITHER of these gigs. Here’s why. First off, Warner’s Moses project, like the multitude of Snow White movies trying to get out of the gate, is racing Fox’s similar film, which is said to be more of an action-adventure in the vein of 300 or Immortals. IF Aronofsky is considering trying on Cecil B. DeMille’s shoes, I would think that he would stay on the Fox lot, where he’s based and gets lots of respect (he made The Wrestler and Swan at Fox Searchlight, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox). After all, WB wasn’t exactly crazy about his 2006 sci-fi pic The Fountain, and that was the last time he’d really worked over there. And while Maleficent will surely be a darker take on the beloved material, do you really see the guy who made Requiem For A Dream taking on a film drenched in Mouse House nostalgia? Neither did I.

The fact is, if Aronofsky wanted to make a big-budget studio tent pole, he probably would have stayed on board Wolverine. He left that anticipated picture because he was in the process of separating from his wife and wanted to spend time with his kids. Both of these projects wouldn’t allow him to have that time, so I’ve got no reason to believe he would take either of them. Besides, he’s only got like six other projects of his own in development, from survival films Human Nature and The Tiger (which have George Clooney and Brad Pitt attached to star, respectively) to a biopic of Jackie Kennedy to sci-fi actioner Machine Man. While I recognize how awesome Moses or Maleficent would be under his guidance, I just think Aronofsky has better fish to fry.

Source: Badass Digest