Dave Bautista Is A Spy With A Little Problem In ‘My Spy’ Trailer


To be a CIA operative you have to do two things, be badass and get the intel.

Ok sure there’s more to it than just that, but in JJ’s (Dave Bautista) case, he’s only good at the badass stuff. Since he keeps just killing people without the information he’s demoted and has one more shot or he’s out. Sophie (Chloe Coleman) is a 9-year-old who hates school and dealing with people. One day she realizes JJ is surveying someone and when she records him in the act, she uses that as blackmail so that JJ will teach her how to be a spy.

Chloe is a smart girl who got some great comedic timing, like normal this film won’t be winning any awards, but the trailer has a couple of chuckle moments, so it’s got that going for it.


‘My Spy’ releases in 2019