Dave Franco Joins ‘21 Jump Street’

Dave FrancoHey, remember when I gushed over 21 Jump Street adding Rob Riggle as its villain? That was fun. Let’s keep the party going! The latest bad guy cast is Dave Franco! He is, obviously, James’ younger brother, but he’s as talented and funny. You might remember him from the really underrated ninth season of Scrubs (seriously, it was so much better than people gave it credit for), Superbad, and Greenberg.

Franco will play the coolest kid in school (of course, he is a Franco after all) who also happens to be a drug dealer. And since Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s characters go undercover in the school to bust the dealers, they try to befriend him. Also, I’d be willing to bet at least ten bucks that Brie Larson is his girlfriend.

Fingers crossed for anything resembling this.

Source: Deadline