All the Ways Fincher and Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic Will Be Just Like ‘Social Network’

The Social NetworkColumbia Pictures via Everett Collection

Now that the new season of House of Cards has been released, David Fincher might be leaving behind the cutthroat world of politics in favor of the cutthroat world of Silicon Valley (again), as the director is in talks to helm the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic based on the best-selling biography by Walter Isaacson. The film, which has a script written by one-time Fincher collaborator Aaron Sorkin, will chronicle Jobs’ career at Apple through three “real time” scenes of major product launches, running at about a half hour each. If, by chance, this project sounds a bit familiar to you, that’s probably because Fincher and Sorkin have already teamed up to make a movie about a technological giant, way back in 2010. It was called The Social Network. You might remember it; it was nominated for Best Picture.

“Okay, so they have the same creative team,” you might be thinking, “so what? How similar could they actually be?” Shockingly similar, as it turns out. In fact, we’ve compiled all of the things that the two films have in common in order to give you a comprehensive look at all of the ways that this Steve Jobs biopic is, for all intents and purposes, The Social Network 2. Look on the bright side, though: at least it doesn’t have very much in common with Jobs.

Both Films Will Focus on a Tech Guru
This film will, of course, follow the rise of Jobs, who co-founded the Apple computer company and became the face of the organization, while The Social Network, followed the rise of Mark Zuckerberg, who founded the social networking site Facebook, and became the face of the organization. You know, completely unique and original storylines. 

Who Dropped Out of College…
Unfortunately for frustrated high school students everywhere, Zuckerberg and Jobs dropped out of Harvard University and Reed College, respectively, in order to focus on what would become multi-billion dollar companies. And no, that line of reasoning still won’t get your parents to stop bugging you about your grades. 

And Created Products That Became a Pop Culture Phenomenon…
When was the last time you actually purchased a CD instead of just buying it on iTunes? Be honest. Also, how many times would you have forgotten your friends’ birthday if it weren’t posted on Facebook? Seriously, be honest. 

While Wearing a Signature Uniform
Luckily for Fincher’s potential budget, a Jobs film will only require one outfit of its star — a black turtleneck and jeans — just like The Social Network only required Zuckerberg to wear the standard uniform of a hoodie and jeans. 

Both Had Incredibly Volatile Personalities… 
Jobs fought with most of the staff at Apple, and employees were often scared that they would get fired at any moment, and the most iconic scene in The Social Network occurs when Zuckerberg is dumped by his girlfriend for being a condescending tool. They were both total jerks, is what we’re trying to say. 

Which Resulted in the Dissolution of Partnerships… 
As Facebook became more popular and more profitable, the friendship between Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, Facebook’s co-founder, fell apart, resulting in a heated court case. Meanwhile, Jobs’ temper and erratic work schedule caused such a rift in his partnership with John Sculley that it resulted in an intense power struggle. And you though your boss was bad. 

And a Founder Being Ousted from the Company
After it was discovered that Jobs was attempting to instigate a coup and get Sculley fired, Apple’s board of directors stripped Jobs of his duties, and he left the company. However, in the Facebook power struggle, it was Saverin who was kicked off the board after Zuckerberg and Sean Parker reduced his share without any warning. So, at least Fincher and Sorkin have that to differentiate the two films. 

Both Were Accused of Stealing Someone’s Ideas
Zuckerberg was sued by the Winklevoss Twins for allegedly stealing the concept for Facebook — which gave the world the immortal line, “If you were the inventor of Facebook, you would have invented Facebook” — and Jobs got his first job by taking credit for the version of Pong that Steve Wozniack built. We’re looking forward to the Atari-equivalent line in this film. 

Both Films Will Tell Their Story Using a Creative Framing Device
The Social Network bounced between not one, but two different lawsuit depositions and scenes from Zuckerberg’s life, and Jobs’ film will focus on the three biggest product launches of his career: the Mac, the NeXT computer, and the iPod. Because like their subjects, these biopics are innovators, looking to change the world without having to put on a suit. 

Both Films Could Star Jesse Eisenberg (Sorry, Ashton Kutcher)
The actor earned an Oscar nomination for his performance as Zuckerberg, and he could earn another one if Fincher and Sorkin decide to cast him as Jobs and he might as well make the most of the time before his hair grows back after Batman Vs. Superman. We’re sure there’s another part for Andrew Garfield or Justin Timberlake in there somewhere.