David Fincher Talks Multiple Movie Deal With MRC

David FinchThe Social Network hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but director David Fincher already has a reason for celebration (well, almost anyway). He’s in talks with MRC Studios (who brought us Babel, Brüno, and this month’s Devil) to produce a crop of new films.

Details are sparse at the moment, and they’ve yet to actually put ink to paper, but it looks like Fincher will get to put his own spin on at least two films as part of the deal. Though Fincher is gearing up for The Social Network’s release in October – and I’ll reluctantly admit that a full-length movie about a social network that we all spend hours on in our everyday lives could actually be good – I’m ready for some classic Fincher. Here’s hoping that this deal leads him down a darker road towards another Seven, Zodiac, or Fight Club.

M. Night Shymalan recently penned a similar deal with MRC, allowing him to produce his series, The Night Chronicles (Devil is the first of that trilogy). From the looks of this series, MRC is heading for deep, dark, and downright creepy (or at least I hope) projects. If this is any indication of their direction for the Fincher deal, we could be looking at his departure from drama and a dive back into the dastardly.

But even if my little hopes are crushed, there’s always Fincher’s next project: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. There’s no way this one won’t give us a chilling glimpse of the dark side. Mysterious disappearances, heaps of connected unsolved murders, dark family secrets and David Fincher? Yes, please.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter