David O. Russell Wants To Write ‘The Fighter’ Sequel

David O. RussellApparently, David O. Russell has heard of Marky Mark’s desires to make a trilogy out of Micky Ward’s bouts with Arturo Gotti and is in general agreement with the plans. In fact, he is so on-board that he has expressed desire to write the sequel to The Fighter. Of course, this would have to come after the Unchartered film he signed on to write and direct and the other half-dozen-bajillion projects he attaches his name to on a daily basis. Again, this is only to write the script. Not direct. It also hinges on people telling him to do it. So he’s not just going to flat out write the damn thing himself on a whim. No, someone has to tell him to do it when everyone is ready. So if you’re ready, head down to your local David O. Russell dealer today and make him write your very own The Fighter Sequel*!

*Terms and conditions apply. We cannot guarantee that what your own David O. Russell writes will be a Fighter sequel. We are also not responsible if your David O. Russell calls you a cunt and storms off set. See stores for details. Offer expires when David O. Russell gets bored. By reading this you formally agree to take David O. Russell off our hands, no take backs.

Source: Slashfilm