Somehow, Christopher Nolan Finds Even More People to Join ‘Interstellar’

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Christopher Nolan just celebrated his 43rd birthday, and apparently his gift to himself was to continue casting the entirety of Hollywood in his latest film, Interstellar.

David Oyelowo, of The Help, Red Tails, and the upcoming The Butler, is the latest to join Nolan’s massive cast. Additionally, Cloud Atlas actor David Gyasi is also onboard. But at this point, no one is surprised at the new additions to Interstellar, so let’s talk about who’s not in this movie.

For whatever reason, Nolan seems to be avoiding his usual band of thieves for this next venture. Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy are not in this film. Neither is Christian Bale. What? A Christopher Nolan movie without Christian Bale? I know, it’s a strange thing to process. But maybe this is a good thing. Nolan seems to be expanding his comfort zone and casting actors that haven’t been in every single one of his movies. Yes, Michael Cane is in this one, but that was always a given. Besides, it’s not like we’re upset by that.

So, congratulations to Oyelowo and Gyasi. Here’s to many more Nolan films to come. As for Christian Bale, don’t worry about it. He’ll get the next one.

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