‘Dazed and Confused’ Spiritual Sequel Will Start Shooting This Fall

Credit: Grammercy Pictures

We keep getting older, but Richard Linklater’s plans for a Dazed and Confused sequel stay the same age: prenatal. For a few years now, Austin’s favorite son has been flirting with the idea of a spiritual follow-up to what might very well be the greatest high school movie ever made. And Linklater’s vision for the new film, which he announced on Reddit and hopes to begin shooting in the fall, is what might be the greatest college movie ever made.

We’re jumping the gun with that superlative, knowing only that Linklater hopes to make “a college comedy,” and that he “feel[s] like mixing it up with a big ensemble,” but this is the man behind Slacker, SubUrbia, Waking Life, and the Before Sunrise series. Benefits of the doubt are well deserved.

However, any canonical connection to Dazed is yet unspecified — the branding of the project as a “spiritual sequel” and the two decades that have passed since the first film suggest that we won’t be seeing the same characters come into play for Linklater’s next. But if the project aims to capture the magic, the sorrow, the wonder of the college years, then it’ll likely earn right to the kinship of the 1993 gem.

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