‘Deadfall’ Star Charlie Hunnam Admits Hotness Trumps Taboo When It Comes to Olivia Wilde

deadfall charlie hunnam

Think your Thanksgiving was painful? No matter how bad turkey time was at your house, it probably doesn’t hold a candle to the holiday celebrated in Deadfall. At the center of this dark thriller are siblings Liza (Olivia Wilde) and Addison (Eric Bana) who besides being on the lam after a casino robbery have feelings for each other that ordinary siblings don’t have.

When the two go their separate ways to shake the police off their trail, Liza meets Jay (Charlie Hunnam), a former professional boxer recently released from prison. Though it’s attraction at first sight for the two characters their budding relationship has all the ingredients of an epic disaster. Yet, when asked by Hollywood.com, the Sons of Anarchy actor doesn’t see a little thing like incest coming between them.

“I mean, she’s pretty hot!” jokes Hunnam. “She might be a little crazy, but all you women are crazy! It just didn’t surprise me… ‘Sure, you screw your brother…’” Hunnam adds on a slightly more serious note: “No, I think they’re just very broken characters desperately trying to live in a healthier way. They need each other. I don’t think either of them on the surface realizes that, but subconsciously they maybe see in each other a way out of their personal unhappiness.”

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