Deleted Scene from ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Show Mommy Leia and Daddy Han Fighting

I know it might not sound it after I went out of my way to defend George Lucas’ recent edits on the upcoming Blu-rays, but man, I really do love Star Wars. Specifically Empire Strikes Back, a movie that continues to age like a fine wine. There’s a reason George doesn’t toy too much with director Irvin Kershner’s space opera classic.

Part of Empire’s charm comes from the budding romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia, one of cinema’s greatest “tough love” relationships. They’re the perfect example of opposites attracting, the dedicated, caring Leia and the headstrong hot shot Han—how they managed to find love in-between all those zingers and TIE Fighter battles is a mystery better left unanalyzed.

That said, the idea of Star Wars deleted scenes will have any fan’s mouth watering and this recently released clip—an extended version of Han and Leia’s spat at the Hoth station—should feed the appetite. If you’re worried about tampering with perfection, watching this deleted scene may not actually be the best thing. There’s a reason it was cut—the whole back-and-forth is pretty hokey.

But all Star Wars is good Star Wars, so check out this never-before-seen over at EW.